Review of “Look Into My Eyes”

I very much appreciate and want to share this review and comment to my most recent piece, “Look Into My Eyes”.

“Very provocative. Very different feel from most of your work. It’s dark and unsettling. The colors, blood and rust and fire, with that ghostly-looking wailing floating face  on the right, seem ominous. But with the bits of white and blue and that series of misty doorways receding off-center I’m not sure whether it leads off to hope or to lostness. It definitely tells a story. That’s one thing I absolutely LOVE about your paintings, is they churn up the imagination so much. You can look at them and find stories there, or be brought into processing some of your own thoughts. Your art is interactive. There’s more I love about your work, but I think that is probably the coolest thing to me. And the names your give your pieces are often excellent springboards to help the viewer engage.”

…an additional comment to share:

“I just saw your Facebook post about a comment on your recent piece, “Look Into My Eyes”. Great observations, so I had to look for myself, and it’s so good! After looking at it for a while I realized that at first I was drawn to look at all of the unsettling blocky bold dark objects around the perimeter and then I noticed that I was literally trying to peer past them and past the drippy sort of screen into the lighter center beyond where it’s pleasant but dim, off in the distance. It made me think of looking toward eternity, not focusing on all of the ugly issues right in front of us but to keep our eyes on Jesus, keep seeking the things above! I just looked at it again and there are even some hints of the cross on the left! I love – love – love the layering you did which is something different that you’ve done; It adds so much depth and curiosity. This is one of my favorites because to me it’s beautifully hopeful!”


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