photo by J. McJunkin

Raised in Houston, Texas, I brought my life-long interests in design and math to Cambridge, Massachusetts for my undergraduate and graduate college years at MIT.  I received a Bachelor of Science in Art & Design and a Master of Architecture with a concentration in design. Among my art professors were Otto Piene, Richard Filipowski, Muriel Cooper, and Wayne Anderson. I have practiced and worked in the profession of architecture in Chicago, Dallas, Cambridge, Omaha, and Austin. My wife, a Connecticut native, and I now live near Austin, Texas.

Working primarily with acrylics, I develop relationships between forms and colors with a sense of motion, tension, balance, and with the intention of communicating a design logic emanating from the subconscious. Of primary importance in my design are the concepts of line, continuation, juxtaposition, intersection, edge, angularity, texture, and freedom creating a three dimensional perception. It has been likened to the works of Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Joan Miró. Others have described my work as possessing qualities of celebration and playfulness thereby engaging viewers with associative interaction. Also described as non-derivative, modern and with a flavor of modern primitive, my art conveys unexpected warmth in its associative abstract expression, resulting in the creation of transcendent associations and emotions for those experiencing each piece. Art is said to be a spiritual endeavor and I agree wholeheartedly.

My work has been exhibited in Groton, Maynard, and Cambridge, Massachusetts as well as in Omaha, Nebraska and in Houston, Fredericksburg, Wimberley, Dripping Springs, and Austin, TX. In addition to these public exhibits, works have been displayed privately in Belgium, California, Tennessee, Colorado, Nebraska, and Texas.

As additional background information, the following is included:

  • MIT Master’s Thesis  –  “Decoration / Intensification / Collage as Definition / Form in Building….. A Built-Form Exploration”
  • Influential MIT Professors
    1. Maurice Smith – Architecture Thesis Adviser (Thesis can be found at this location)
    2. Otto Piene – Environmental Art
    3. Muriel Cooper – Print
    4. Richard Filipowski – Form & Color
    5. Wayne Anderson – Art History
    1. Assistance League of Houston, Celebrate Texas Arts 2017, Juried Exhibit, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX
    2. Fredericksburg Art Gallery, Fredericksburg, TX
    3. Studio Tours 2015 & 2016, Artists Alliance of the Hill Country, Dripping Springs, TX
    4. The Contemporary, Austin, TX – “5×7” Event in 2013, 2014, and 2015
    5. Displayed in “Salvation Jane”, a movie short produced by Amizod Pictures (trailer – (“Walking in the Dark Forest with God”)
    6. Book Cover Designs for “A Slippery Land” and “A Song in the Storm” by Rick Conti
    7. Wimberley Valley Art League Juried Gallery Shows: July, September, November 2016, January 2017
    8. Bass Concert Hall, Juried Exhibit, Austin TX
    9. Link & Pin Gallery, Juried Exhibit, Austin, TX
    10. Orange Co-working, Austin, TX
    11. Art on 12 Gallery, Wimberley, TX
    12. Riverbend Inspirational Gallery, Juried Exhibit, Austin, TX
    13. Authenticity Gallery, Congress Avenue, Austin, TX
    14. In 9 Private Residences in various locations including Belgium, Texas, California, Tennessee, Colorado, Nebraska
    15. Winner of Two Corporate Greeting Card Design contests, printed and mailed globally
    16. Fine Arts Cinema, Maynard, MA
    17. Septemberfest, Lawrence Academy, Groton, MA
    18. St. Cecilia’s, Cathedral Arts Project, Omaha, NE
    19. MIT, Building 7 Stairwell Landing, Cambridge, MA